Miracle of Sunlight

Throughout history, mankind has always strived to attain the health benefits of the sunlight, and has drawn on technological advancements and modern equipment to realize this goal. Nowadays, positive effects of the sunlight as an unlimited, clean, renewable, and accessible source of energy, can be seen in different branches of science, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and hygiene industries.

As an innovative and pioneering manufacturer with a modern mindset and an ever-increasing focus on harnessing the positive effects of the sunlight through creative means, Lerox Industrial Group created a special team of competent, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals to collaborate on a project and use their professional expertise to analyze solutions for operationalizing novel plans and ideas, and introduce a product to the Iranian cosmetics and hygiene products market which can compete with the state-of-the-art technology and even surpass foreign products, satisfying the needs of Iranian consumers.

To that end, researchers at Lerox Research and Development Department contacted the leading manufacturers of cosmetics and hygiene products in Switzerland, in particular, two of the top Swiss laboratories, namely Hair Haus and Luminaris, whose equipment and research reports and results are internationally recognized, and who are known as reliable scientific authorities in this field, and succeeded in creating the unique formulation known as Lerox which offers the miraculous properties of sunlight.

To ensure the effectiveness and usefulness of Lerox products, and due to the importance of the consumers’ health, we have collected hair samples from people all over Iran, and after comprehensive, specialized tests, we have succeeded in attaining the best possible quality, and developed a product that is completely suitable for Iranians’ hair. Some people are deprived of the positive effects of sunlight because of their occupation or lifestyle, and Lerox shampoo and hair conditioner product line can help keep their hair healthy, fresh, and nurtured, and serve as a protective layer against the adverse effects of other hair products such as hair dye, hair bleach, hair ironing, etc. The secret to the success of Lerox brand in manufacturing Swiss-quality products lies in utilizing modern and advanced machinery, suitable manufacturing environment, knowledge and professional expertise of its personnel, and using the best raw material from Europe as well as the most well-known leading domestic manufacturers of raw material.